Penuel Home is a spiritual retreat house with a Christ-centered program for men, 18 years old and above. We deal with all types of addictions, whether substance or process addictions. We offer a basic live-in program for addicted men together with a Family Program for their loved ones.

The Family Program includes: (1) scheduled dialogues between the resident and his family; (3) close coordination and communication of Penuel staff with family members; (3) family days every other weekend; (4) bible studies, group sessions, discussions and seminars regarding biblical and non-biblical topics such as co-dependency, the 12 steps, dysfunctional relationships and the like.

We also offer a Follow-Up Program for graduates of our basic six-month residential program who need more care and attention. This Follow-Up Program is individualized especially for those who would like to opt to continue the recovery program on an outpatient, or non-residential, basis.

Penuel Home has been operating since April of 2007. It is the banner project of Precious Hope Ministry (PHM) whose mission is: To glorify God by teaching individuals with addiction problems, as well as their families, to become committed followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. PHM was started in October of 1999 by a group of men and women who had found , in Jesus Christ, true and lasting freedom from addiction to substances. In the eight years that PHM was preparing for the establishment of Penuel Home, it conducted Recovery and Support Groups for substance abusers and their families from January 2000 until July 2005. It brought Bible instruction to six drug rehabs within and outside Metro Manila (Philippines) and gave counseling and referral services to substance or process addicts and their families. It also conducted Drug Addiction Education seminars.

In August 9, 2002, the ministry was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines and was given the legal corporate name of Precious Hope Foundation, Inc (PHF). Today the focus of the foundation is the operation of Penuel Home and the conduct of its programs. Penuel Home is PHF's response to the rapidly escalating problem of addiction in the Philippines and elsewhere. It aims to foster lasting, permanent life change. Its program of transformation has the following categories: spiritual (dependence on God), mental (renewal of the mind), emotional (healing of damaged emotions), behavioral (tracking new and healthy behavior), vocational (retraining for vocational competency), and physical (restoring physical well-being).

Penuel is the biblical place where Jacob met God , wrestled with Him and pleaded for His blessing. There, God broke Jacob's hip, and from the breaking arose a new Jacob— no longer a deceiver. From then on, he would be called by a new name: Israel— meaning "one who struggles with God and man, and prevails" (from Genesis 32:22-30).

This is where Penuel Home got its name.


Our facility is situated in a quiet residential compound in San Juan City, Philippines. Spacious, home-like, clean, comfortable and serene. Includes living quarters, a kitchen & dining area, a counseling room, a seminar room, an office, a game room, a mini-gym, front and backyards, a half-basketball court. as well as a utility area. Maximum capacity is 30 residents.


Our all-Christian staff is a good mix of para-professionals and professionals. We believe in the tremendous value of a former addict reaching out to help someone come out of active addiction. That's why our Program Staff are mostly para-professionals who have been in recovery and have been trained to serve as staff members of Penuel Home. Available on call are doctors, psychologists and a psychiatrist. Plus, we have a pool of resource persons from our sister organization, Christ's Commission Fellowship.

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